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Make as much as $42,639 in the first week

Make as much as $42,639 in the first week

For this demonstration and purpose, I chose this subject line for a reason. Because so many people fall victim to false claims and empty promises. A marketing tactic that is sadly quite grossly over exploited, but rather effective. You may even notice quite an impressive response to this article in confirmation of the tactic’s effectiveness.

But in many cases, these claims are in fact real. What they don’t tell you however is the fact that making that kind of money online will take years to achieve. There is no way (that I know of) you can make that kind of money within a week. Or even within the first year for that matter.

Often these claims are also accompanied by the “fact” that it is entirely free. And from my personal experience, any claim to make that kind of money with no investment (in any amount of time) is nothing more than fermented nonsense. Just another copy/paste marketer that have no clue what they’re talking about. In a world where quantity is replacing quality. And greed is gradually replacing sincerity and honor. Be extremely careful who you trust, especially with your money.

But how will you know and avoid getting scammed?

Remember that you will test more systems and programs you will later be able to recall. Which is why you may want to consider a few tips.

Use Google, because Google knows everything right? When you’re looking at an offer from a specific person, then enter that person’s full name into Google. Then check if images and content related to the social profiles for instance correspond with the largest search engine on Earth. And if Google have no record of a particular “professional whatever”, then how professional are they really? A rather simple but quite effective way to be safe, rather than sorry.

In the case of it being a company or any alternative entity, then search Google for that specific name. And apply the same logic. But with both research options you will soon realize whether you are dealing with a professional or not.

Another great way to check legitimacy, may be to pay attention as to how much trust the actual product owner have in their own product. Does it come with a money back guarantee? No? Well, that may raise some doubt. In my opinion, anyone confident enough in their product and claims, should offer you a money back guarantee. Why not? If they’re so sure you will make thousands of dollars the next week, then why not prove it right?

Always be sure there is a money back guarantee, because that is your safety net. If you do not make use of this safety net, then you may be headed for disaster. And yes I’m speaking from experience, losing money online is almost inevitable if you’re going to compete in the big league. Knowledge is your only weapon and research is the only way to upgrade your weapon so to speak.

What will it take to make that kind of money online?

Well for starters, a lot more effort than many people may consider. Making really impressive amounts of money online (in my opinion), you may want to prepare for a 10+ years stretch. It is a long term goal, there is no such thing as “overnight riches”. You must be prepared to offer an effort equal to your realistic expectation.

Getting recognized as a professional will require several social profiles. Facebook pages and groups, Twitter lists and YouTube channels. There are also Google+ collections and communities, and even “Google my business”. Also a way to register as a professional in your field, and getting found in Google search results.

Which is also why your own website, or preferably blog is so important. Because all your profiles must contain the URL to your own site. The content you own, not copy/paste material. And soon your published work will appear under your name in Google. Therefore some published work and profiles on commenting giants like disqus will be an added advantage. Because at some point everything you do online will show under your full name in Google.

Commenting on high authority sites, but more importantly adding value to the discussion. Because it is an excellent way to gain credibility as a professional in your field and inspiring curiosity.

And these are the things they normally don’t tell you about, and with good reason. Because contrary to popular believe it is not easy to make that kind of money online. Simply because the competition is fierce regardless of the niche you choose. If you want audiences to trust you online, then you will have to give them sufficiently compelling reason to do so.

What do all super successful marketers have in common?

Apart from multiple social profiles, pages and groups. Along with communities and collections on Google+ and YouTube channels. They all have their own blogs and/or websites online, along with email lists. Furthermore they all have their own products online, be it digital (most preferred) or otherwise. In many cases the majority also have their own eBooks, which in turn can serve as a “lead magnet”. To attract subscribers to a list and/or certain site.

As previously mentioned, it is hard work to earn an impressive passive income online. So please do not be misled by empty promises and false claims. And always focus on how much you can learn, rather than how much you can earn. But more importantly. Always focus on one system, program or method at a time. And learn as much as you possibly can, you will need that to create compelling content.

Deon Christie

Aspiring writer and enthusiastic blogger with extensive SEO knowledge.

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  • Make as much as $42,639 in the first week
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