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Reply to "Make as much as $42,639 in the first week"

Moore Income posted:

Haha I love the "click bait" title.

The first time I clicked it I did so because I was almost mad to see someone posting something so ludicrous! But now that I actually read more, I see what you did there! 

Unfortunately, many people see the title of this post and their emotions set in right away and they throw their common sense out the window.

Deep down, I think many people know it is too good to be true but because they are looking for the easy way out or are just really desperate, they buy into it anyways.

Far too many people have been scammed by such simple little tricks.

Definitely something that should be talked about more and more people should be warned about!

Exactly the message I'm aiming to get through to audiences. And thought this subject line will do just that.  Really glad you took the time to read the entire article, because I will never promise audiences impossible results. I am however highlighting the fact that these kind of subject lines are nothing more than a marketing tactic. 

Cannot agree more, so many people fall victim to the "instant riches" scams. Heck, I used to be one of them back when I got started. Which is also why I need people to know the truth about actually making money online.