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Make Money on What Other People Throw Away

America is a throw-away society.  We all know that.  We all have a lot of

junk that we do not need, and just about all of us have things piling up

relentlessly in out attics, garages, basements, closets and even in the

wide open of the back yard.

A lot of people try to ignore the problem until they can no longer get into

their garage, or when they find it impossible to squeeze one more item into

the attic.  They have too much junk and they need to get rid of it.  Often,

they will pay someone to do just that.  This means an opportunity for you.

You can make a decent living by helping people get rid of their junk.

To get started, you need a strong back and something to haul with, such as

a pick-up or a small trailer to pull behind your car.  That's about it.  If

you don't have a pick-up, consider buying a used one cheap.  You could

easily find something for less than $1,000.  An even less expensive

alternative is a small trailer for your car.  Trailers can be had for just

a couple hundred bucks or less.

How To Get Started?

This is generally a very community or neighborhood oriented business.  Take

out an ad in your community newspaper saying that you will haul away

unwanted items or that you will clean garages, basements or attics for a

fee.  You can also print up a one-page flyer and place them on houses

door-to-door, or on the windshields of cars.

What You Need to Know?

You will need to find  a place for all the junk you collect and remove.

Find out where the local landfills are and what their policies are.  They

may charge you a fee for bring stuff is, but you can charge that fee back

to you clients.  You also may need dumping permits in some areas, so check

with your local city or county offices.

It's also a good idea to learn about dumping regulation.  Some items are

more difficult to get rid of than others.  For example, you can't just dump

a refrigerator or an old stove anywhere.  Old tires are another hard-to-

dump item.  There are specific places for specific things.  Find out what

goes where.  Once you have it all down, however, you have it made.

You should be able to earn from $7 to $10 an hour.  You will not be able to

charge by the hour, however, because people may give you a problem about

the pace at which you work, and how much time they feel you should take to

get the job done.  Instead, make an estimate based on your own judgment on

how long it will take you to clean out that garage or attic.  Once you have

done a few, you will have a good idea about the time involved.  Then give

an upfront estimate.  If it will take you a complete day, or eight hours,

ask for $80 to $100.

Remember also that one man's trash is another man's treasure.  You may find

a market for some of the items many people just want to get rid off.  So

explore the option of sales to second hand stores, or the possibility of

starting up a second-hand store of your own.  Such stores can be lucrative

like you would not believe.  There's big money in junk - and in getting rid

of it.  It takes no special knowledge or education, and you can get started

with a minimum investment.  All that's left for you now it to get busy!

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