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Reply to "Need a daily list to de clutter and PRE pack!"

Hi, I've moved numerous times, & this is what I like to do,  hope it helps some! 

*Get Big Tupperwares or Plastic Boxes with Lids of ALL sizes & Label them.
*1st start with 4 Big Boxes:    1.Keep   2.Donate/Sell    3.Throw    4.UNdecided 
*Now, at the start go to the 1st area/room & empty whatever it may be, a drawer a closet, a room, whatever, into the 4 boxes. I like to do from one corner of a room to the other corner & if I get stuck i take a break & come back to it. 
*At the end of each day or project area, empty the contents from the boxes into a large garbage bag & store out of the way, like in a garage or spare room.
Most people say dont go back thru it because your 1st decision is the best but sometimes it makes you feel better to "recheck just to make sure"
*Then you have 4 big bags with 4 descriptions to keep you organized. 
*Remember you can always SELL items online & its so easy! There are multiple apps you can use these days. As you pack you can list & make a lil $$money at the same time! You can also post FREE Ads online for Free items or schedule a pick up from the donation centers, they usually come within a few days after you call. 
*Enlist your family members to help BUT ONLY if you trust them but you might want to start 1st solo & then add on other helpers if you feel overwhelmed. It sometimes it gets emotional & people dont have the same sentimental attachment to things that you may have. Hiring strangers is also one way to go because you can just tell them where things need to be packed or loaded into once you are in the final stages of going thru all your items. 

Its hard moving, Ive done it TOO many times. ...
But Organizing someone else's life like this sounds like my DREAM job!
*Check PINTEREST its great for checklists... thats what I use. 
Thanks good luck! If you want to hire free!