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Possibly Idiotic Credit Question

A few weeks ago, my apartment managers informed all of the residents that the apartment complex was being torn down and rebuilt, so we had to be out within three months.

I found a place a mere 16 minute walk away that was (pretty much) perfect. I filled out the application, paid this, that, and the other fee, got a glowing recommendation from my current apartment managers, and everything looked good ... and all that was left was a credit check.

I (foolishly) thought I would be fine, seeing as how I don't buy anything on credit when I'm not working (thank you for that, frelling Covid), but apparently the credit report came back with a "No Credit History," somehow ignoring a used car I bought with a secured loan about twelve years ago.

While the fact that a lot of folks were getting unemployment, turns out if you're self-employed, that doesn't work.

I also tried applying for one of those Covid-related business loans, but after filling out the first page of the application online, I found that I was not able to move to the next page.

That, of course, prompted an e-mail to Support, where I was told, "Well, it works just fine with Internet Explorer."

I told her I was on a Mac, and asked why they hired a company to design their website that only designed for a specific web browser?

Still waiting to hear back on that, but not holding my breath.

Found another place -- or more correctly, my apartment manager found a place for me -- and I move in this weekend ... but still, I can't say I'm very happy about being turned down for credit because I don't buy anything on credit.

All that said, I followed a link in a Penny Hoarder e-mail to this community to see what kind of things I could do to increase my credit score.

Sorry for the novel! 🙂

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