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Reply to "Possibly Idiotic Credit Question"

It's beyond frustrating when you are conducting your life in a mature responsibile manner, you're penalized for it. Unfortunately, we live in a capitalist society that thrives on taking your money.

It wasn't a novel. Thanks for sharing. Quick answer is obtain one card to "establish" and build credit. Your 12 year old loan is perhaps off of your history by now.

If you have a hard time getting one, go for a secure one through your bank or Discover. They won't kill you in annual fees or high rates. Try a credit union first , if privy to one.

Happy housewarming and good luck Sorry for the novel🌞

Thank you, Lisa! The idea of getting a credit card to pay bills has been suggested, and on further reflection is now do-able.

I signed up for an account at Credit Karma sometime back, and they have been hounding me to sign up for a credit card to help improve my credit.

I have a laptop in the shop that's going to cost $400 for the repairs and upgrades, and will receive $2000 when I move into my new apartment tomorrow.

I was thinking I would put that $400 into a savings account, get the credit card, and use the $400 in savings to make the payments on the card.

Once that's paid off, this laptop is also having issues with the video, and the same tech proposed moving my upgraded RAM sticks and that 1TB SSD into a newer body, so that's another possibility.

I also have to get two of my steno machines cleaned and lubed, and both of those will cost about the same.

Oh, and a bit of good news!

I signed into my Xfinity account to let them know I was moving, and there was a reward in the amount of a $50 credit ... so essentially, my internet fees will be $0.00 for the next five months (*pats self on the back*).