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Reply to "What are some really effective ways to boost a credit score?"

@Briana I used to work for a credit card company! Some of the best ways to quickly boost credit scores. 

1) Don't close credit cards, especially your oldest one.  Instead you can just shred the card if you never intend to use it. This keeps your credit line open on your credit report.

3) Ensure you have enough credit, this sounds counter intuitive but having the right amount of credit in good standing shows that you can handle it and helps in the algorithm, even if you pay it off every month.

4) Carry a small balance month to month.  It makes that balance show up on your credit report and shows you use your credit and pay bills on time

5) Payments over 30 days late show up on your credit report. If you have recent late payments call the companies and see if they will remove it from your report (first time offense) this will not always work but it never hurts to try.

6) If you have debt at a collection agency, first send a certified letter asking them to verify the debt, this is the law, they must verify it when asked, a lot of collection agencies wont even go past this because it is too much trouble.  Once verified, send a certified letter with an offer to settle the debt, give them a number and add a clause to remove the report to the credit agency.  Collection agencies buy debt at pennies on the dollar then add ridiculous interest to inflate the debt.  Offer thousands less, they will usually counter with a much better amount then they are asking for.

7) Get your free credit report every year. I always do it in December, look for any discrepancies and challenge them. Use the official government site

Hope that helps!

These are all great tips! Thank you so much! I was always questioning whether I should close one of my cards or not, so now I have my answer.