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Reply to "Savings Account Apps?"


4.00% APY under $3000 and the following requirments

  • Have tmobile wireless account
  • deposit $200/month
  • sign up for tmobile perks

Now with these stipulations you can max. your money. See the secenarios below.

T-Mobile Money states you will make 4.00 APY if you have the fall in line within the 3 listing eligibities above. If you go over the $3,000. this means that the $3,000 will make anywhere between 2.79-4% APY and anything after the $3,000 will only make 1% APY.

So you put $2700 in the account, set up $200 deposits per month (which will bring it up to $2900, for the 4% APY). then you can set up a $200 withdrawal every month. this will keep it under the $3,000 threshold guanretee you the 4%.