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Something I wish I knew before buying my Wedding Dress

Despite having a low-key wedding, I bought my dress at BHLDN. I absolutely love my dress and really enjoyed wearing it on my wedding day but I wish I knew before buying it that a wedding dress is NOT a one-time cost. Let me explain.

The dress cost about $850 total. I realize this is cheaper than some places but it was a lot for me! Especially when I was first looking on sites like Lulus.

Then you have alterations. I saw this coming but it’s still added stress when you’re already dishing money out for the wedding. Mine was about $300

Now here’s the cost I didn’t think about: Cleaning!!!

After your day is said and done you want to just move on from all of the costs but you can’t hold on to a dirty dress OR sell a dirty dress. Many cleaners quoted me $300-$400 for cleaning. INSANE!

Luckily I came across David’s Bridal service which is about $150 so I’ll be doing that but it’s STILL money I didn’t think I’d be spending when I initially bought my dress.

So, when buying an expensive dress take into consideration the cost of things like alterations before the wedding & cleaning/preservation after the wedding!

I personally rented some things used at the wedding at Only buy those that you think will be valuable and memorable for the years to come.

What are your wedding tips to save money?

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