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The Financial Benefits of Living Your Best Life

I've noticed a theme in our "Save Money" vertical with many of our articles titled like, "How to Save Money Streaming" or, "10 Ways to Life-Hack Your Next Dinner Out". This got me thinking, why are we so focused on finding ways to save on activities that will always have a price tag attached to them when there are plenty of free (dare I say, more enriching) substitutes?

For example, substitute your nightly Netflix binge with a trip to your local library and hunt for a page turner.



- Gets you out of the house (fresh air rocks...and is free).

- Allows you to incorporate another fun activity into the travel time, like biking through the prettiest neighborhood in your city on your way there (free workout)!

- Books enrich your life, help you become a better writer, open your mind to new ideas, and help you carry on interesting conversations (free supplemental education).

Now try listing out the benefits of watching Breaking Bad for 4 hours and tell me the choice isn't obvious. Imagine all of the fun and free things you could do in the time it takes you to research the best deal on multiple streaming services!

What are some of your frugal lifestyle swaps that encourage you to live your best life?

Emily Roberts is an ice-cream aficionado and advertising account manager for the verticals of financial tech and consumer finance at The Penny Hoarder. She has never had a credit card or a TV. 

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