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Most talked about threads

Shout out to Isabel who posted our most talked about thread this week with 14 replies! She contemplates if it is really worth it to drive to 3 stores to find the best price. Is it worth it to pay extra for better customer service? Do you make the extra trip to Trader Joe’s to buy some of their frozen food even though it might be an extra 15 minutes away from your local grocery store? What do you think?

Your family and friends hold a lot of power that can mold the person you are and who you may become. @ERoberts grew up with divorced parents. She observed two very different financial strategies and now she has a better idea of how she would like to handle her personal finances. She asks a very thought-provoking question: How Did Your Upbringing Shape Your Relationship with Money? Does anyone pop into your mind?

This winter has been a rough one. The polar vortex, record-setting amounts of snow, oy vey. There is one thing that usually makes us feel better, planning a tropical vacation. @Katie Gabriele knows exactly what we’re talking about. She is planning a trip to sunny Florida! She has a budget she would like to stick to, do you have any tricks to help her save money while she is on her trip?

Community Highlights

+ Community member @Bonnie Squires is making a dent in paying off her credit card bills! “ I've put $1,000 in the bank. Paid $500 and $750 on 2 credit cards off. Paid a bill of $118 off which the $10 will go in my saving each month. The 2 credit cards I paid off that money will go to paying other credit cards off. I paid for my domain name for a year and hosting for 3 months.” Way to go, Bonnie! 

+ When it comes to taking better control of her budget, Community member: @Anna Matetic means business! “I think I got the idea of "sinking funds" from a Penny Hoarder post. We figured out all our bills that are not monthly (car insurance, garbage bill, etc) and figured out a monthly payment for them. We have a separate account for that money. It broke us of the habit of raiding the savings account when we had a bill like that. So now savings grow without interference and we have money set aside when these bills come up!”

+ Last month we introduced our first Member of the Month winner for February, Community member @Moore Income, who created a whopping 39 posts and shared 110 comments! He used the $25 gift card he won to plan a super sweet, thoughtful date night with his wife. 

From the Work-from-Home Jobs Portal

On our main site, we have a Work-from-Home jobs portal, where we share the latest work-from-home opportunities with you, including what the job entails, experience needed and hourly pay. Each week, we’ll be sharing a few here, so it’ll be easy for you to stay on top of if you’re searching for additional income or a new job.

Looking for Part-Time Seasonal Work? Amazon Is Hiring in 18 States ($15/Hr)--

Web-App Automation Company, Zapier, Is Hiring a Public Relations Specialist--

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