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Reply to "This week in... The Penny Hoarder Community!"

Briana posted:

Happy Tuesday, Penny Hoarders! 

Welcome to your weekly dose of announcements, top discussions, and threads that need YOUR help!

Announcement 1: 

We’re still looking for members to share their thoughts on the new community with us! Interested in recording a short 1-2 minute video where you’ll get to talk about how you found the community and what you like the most? We’ll use these videos to share with the company and other potential new members! 

Interested? Reach out for more info! 

Announcement 2: 

Want the chance to share your feedback with The Penny Hoarder? Interested in being a source for a new story? Help write upcoming articles? If you haven’t joined yet, become part of the first-ever Penny Hoarder Feedback group! Send me a DM or comment below and I’ll add you. From there, you’ll be able to interact directly with our writers to help them craft new story ideas, get interviewed for new articles and more. 

Most talked about threads: 

Is anyone currently pursuing a F.I.R.E strategy? 

Are you a dumpster diver?

These Penny Hoarders need your help: 

How to have a lower interest rate on my credit card 

Why can’t we open an HSA ourselves?

Withdrawing from 401K for a down payment on a home? 

Until next week!

Brianna am interested in the second announcement!