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BeckAtsila posted:

When we were kids, my brother went out as Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. We made a pot out of a cardboard box, then the plant's body out of a green blanket, and a mouth with red and white poster board.  We wrote "Audrey II" on the pot.  And it won in the town costume contest.

The books sound good--I've read Rich Dad Poor Dad and am not sure what to think of it.  Kiyosaki definitely gets the different mentalities right, but he's also bankrupted every business he's ever run and was involved in a REIT that said they were investing in trailer parks but was really vacant land.  I also find some of his advice to be of dubious legality--like avoiding taxes and insider trading.

I'm a big fan of "The Richest Man in Babylon" myself.  I also read a lot about investing in ETFs.  So far I've managed to put aside a little more than $1,000 over the course of two years and about $80 of that is profit from the investments.  I haven't read "The Latte Factor" yet, but it sounds like it's great advice if you can ignore the fact that the barista owns the coffee shop and the building it's in and is saying people are poor because they drink coffee.  I put all my coffee money aside for two years and only got $1000--no way in hell I'll be a millionaire at that rate.

Just my two cents.  I'd like to go out as Wednesday Addams.  I already have four rats that could be a prop.

That is awesome you were able to apply what you learned reading about investing and come out on top. Saving $1,000 is no easy feat! 

Thanks for sharing your two cents. We may need to start a Penny Hoarder Community money book club to discuss all of the great books out there!

Happy early Halloween! Love that you want to include your pets in your costume.