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Briana posted:
Christi posted:

Really like the recaps, as I am having a hard time navigating the site...not sure why though...

Hi Christi! What exactly are you having trouble with? Finding content? Posting? I'm happy to answer any questions or jump on a call to walk you through anything. Just let me know -- and feel free to direct message me if you prefer! 

You can also take a look through our FAQ guide to see if that helps answer any questions as well! 

I am getting the hang of it, but for example you noted the FAQ guide; when I go there I see

But I don't actually see that list  or Join the Discussions list on the home page; what I see is :

I also see buttons for ask question and create a post - which I suspect are congruent to "join the discussion" but could not find the direct link to that page 

until I went to the create a post page....and that is a shame because the forum-directory page is the easy page to navigate from...which also seems to be congruent to the "share" link at the top of the pages.

See what I mean? It seems a bit confusing and I am sure I will find my favorite ways to navigate, but...the less clicks the better.


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