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This week’s Community Announcements 4.3.20

Hi everyone,

Is it just me or are the days blurring together? Despite this new normal, it's been wonderful to come back to the community and read how you all are doing. 

I wanted to share a couple of COVID-19 articles on The Penny Hoarder:

Here’s Our Most Up-to-Date Info on the $1,200 Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

There have been a number of questions come up about just how those COVID-19 stimulus checks work, so our Sr. Editor Robin Hartill, aka Dear Penny, has been updating this article to include just what all it means. What other questions do you have about the stimulus checks? I’m happy to share them with our team, so we can keep you up to date with the most accurate answers. 

Sheltering in Place with Kids? Check Out These Easy Home Activities

I know a number of my colleagues and friends are looking for ways to entertain their children as these quarantined weeks go on. This article outline some easy home activities to try with your kids. What other home activities would you all suggest for people with little ones?

Finally, @Moore Income brought up the importance of supporting local businesses during this tough time. Is there anyone who has made it a point to shop local? I’m still ordering some meals take-home style from some of my favorite restaurants in town because I want to show my support. What other items are you all continuing to order locally?

Stay healthy! 


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