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Reply to "Tips and tricks to save money"

One - rather silly, small - thing I do...

Ever since I got my budgeting house in order -- and automated my regular transfers into my MM/emergency fund and Investment accounts --

I revised them with rather silly 'adjuncts'.

I.e., when I did my budgeting - I used whole dollar and 0/5 amounts... I.e., $25 a week into my MM; $100 a month into several investment accounts.

Once I set my budget - and let it run for a few months to make sure I didn't overshoot - I started bumping the automated transfers up by a dollar or 2 + change (I use family birthdays).

In other words -- a $100 regular transfer into my taxable investment account becomes $106.20 (Bday used 6/20).  My $25 a week into my money market becomes 26.31 (+1/31 or 1.31).

Of course, do the budgeting first -- and make sure your budgeting math works out, but during this trial period...  Pay attention to what you have "left over" every month.  So long as you were leaving some cushion?  Well - I *used to* then allocate manually, but it becomes easy to just treat yourself...  By all means, don't push the cushion back to zero - hey, still worth it to treat yourself.   

But - I found that once I adjust upwards the round numbers, it becomes easy to simply tack on another $30-40 a month without noticing.

Even relative pennies compound, so an extra $300-400 into an interest/investment account?   It adds up.