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Using LinkedIn to build interested audiences and gain credibility

Although it is nice to make a few extra dollars on the side. But most people however do work toward the "quitting your day job" Kind of online income. The effort requirement however is exponentially more demanding. Making a few extra dollars online require a lot less effort and can in most cases be fairly easy to achieve. 

But if you are thinking of working toward the quitting your day job kind of income, then be prepared to apply maximum effort. Which primarily involves building interested audiences. Through presenting compelling content which may take a few years of research to achieve. Knowledge is the only weapon that will have you stand out from a rather large crowd in any niche. And gaining credibility should be your primary goal, not generating sales. 

When you are recognized as a professional in your field, the sales will come without you having to sales pitch even once. Because your content must create curiosity which will lead to engagement. With LinkedIn you can build highly responsive audiences through creating Groups and gaining relevant connections. And the tool I am about to share is not a magic wand, so please do not exceed the suggested posting and invitation time periods of 24 hours. 

The tool is called Linked Helper and can be accessed by searching the key phrase in your browser. Or even search for the extension in the Chrome web store. Simply download the zip folder and add the Linked Helper Chrome extension to your browser. 

This is a tool specifically designed to automate LinkedIn tasks. And by using it I have seen a LinkedIn group growth rate increasing by over 600%. Not to mention connections and engagement. But moderation is the key and you must not alter the suggested settings. But rather follow the video tutorials first, to understand both how to use Linked Helper and understand its purpose. And no, its purpose is not to generate any sales online. So do not use this tool to flood LinkedIn with links. Unless you want your LinkedIn account suspended. 

But before even trying to use this Chrome extension, be sure you have a professional LinkedIn profile. With a description no less than 2000 characters. Include achievements and projects. With a full employment history. You cannot be recognized as a professional with a faceless profile. Which should be a passport type photo, and not your pet. Or dream car and even a striking slogan. Put your face on your profile, because people like to know who they are engaging with. 

Get your content like articles and blog post on LinkedIn. And make your profile sufficiently impressive to create curiosity. Once your professional profile is done, the next step is Linked helper, but not a moment sooner. 

Large responsive audiences take months, and even years to grow. And The Penny Hoarder for instance is a perfect example. Based on my own research with SimilarWeb and Scamadvisor.  They receive an average of 7 - 17 Million visitors per month. But the Penny Hoarder team did not achieved that in a few weeks, because the domain age is going on 9 years. Outstanding achievement takes time and a lot of hard work along with research and precision. 

The quitting your day job kind of income may take a few years to achieve, no wonder the success rate is at a measly 3 - 5%. Which means that 95 - 97% of people attempting the larger online income brackets, sadly end up failing. And it's all about misdirection and negative perception. Because there is no such thing as instant riches or overnight fame and fortune. 

Deon Christie

Aspiring writer and enthusiastic blogger with extensive SEO knowledge.

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