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Reply to "Using LinkedIn to build interested audiences and gain credibility"

Moore Income posted:

I ignored LinkedIn for quite some time but about a year ago I started focusing on it more. It really is a good tool for building an audience and connecting with people with very specific interests. When it comes to sales, while you can get them on LinkedIn, some people take things too far and just spam people with messages trying to sell their product or service. In my opinion this is a waste of time and makes me even less likely to buy.

As with any social media platform, once you start "automating" things, it becomes a lot less "social". I will definitely take a look at the tool you mentioned but I am wondering if automation really is a good idea for LinkedIn or not?

Personally, I prefer people on LinkedIn who are much more personal.

That being said, over the past year, I have been able to build up my connections to over 10k and a majority of those are in a demographic of an audience that I want to reach. Now I just need to figure out how to optimize my use of the platform and take advantage of the opportunities that arise so I will at least check out any tool that could be helpful in accomplishing this.

Same here @Moore Income, but once I realized LinkedIn's potential I started digging deeper. I find that the tool works well for attracting group members, and I use it only to send a welcome message to new connections.

Automation can be a great tool, but moderation is really important. And with Linkedin especially one need to be extremely cautious with automation. Because not all automation tool content is accepted by LinkedIn. And may in some instances result in getting suspended or even get your account deleted. 

It's so annoying how many people flood every social platform and messaging service with random products, right? I use all my social profiles primarily to attract visitors to my blog, social pages and groups, and published work along with communities. 

One thing that boosted my connection count and profile views tremendously on LinkedIn is uploading the LinkedIn App to my phone. Currently at 16.5K connections with daily requests to join. Also targeting the top tier countries. The demographic is so important to ensure affordability right?