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Very Old Debt Question

I have a very old credit card debt that I can't decide if I should pay it or not. Any suggestions, especially from an expert would be great.

The very old credit card debt has already been on my credit report, stayed 7 years or so and finally was removed. So it can no longer impact my credit score unless paying it would give them the ability to put it back on my credit report which is what I am most worried about.

Essentially it has already given me my 7 years of pain so now that its gone I don't know of any reason why I should pay it. The last thing I want is any payment or discussion to give them the legal ability to put it back on my credit report. I have heard instances where communication or payments have allowed negative reporting to last longer so I want to avoid that at all costs.

I think most or all legal collection limits have expired so legally I don't think I have to pay it, but I don't want to do something to open that door if it is closed.

The debt is small but as I said, I don't want to pay it to do the right thing or clear it up. Then have it bite me by hurting my credit.

Any help, especially from legal or collections experts would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance and maybe this will help others also with old debt.

Service Connected Disabled Veteran, Ex-Law Enforcement Officer, Single. Does the previous explain the latter?

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