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Reply to "What has been your money epiphany?"

Deon Christie posted:
Sid posted:

I'm just curious to find out what has been your aha! moment when you realized a cool way to save money? When did you finally decided that now is the time to stash some money for rainy days?  

I have to be honest and say during my late 30's. Been a bit of a wild one before that, and never gave the "rainy day" much thought. Especially going through the DJ stage after finishing my diploma as an Electrician. 

A method that works quite well for me is a linked bank account to stash a little something with each payday. And of-course my Payoneer account linked with Bank of America. The profit I generate on the internet then goes into this account. That's two methods I use to have a little on the side for the "rainy days". 

Excellent! Forced savings is number 2 on my "Road to financial freedom journey" list. I find apps such as Stash and Acorns to be extremely useful. 

Oh and by the way, what kind of music did you play as a DJ??


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