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Reply to "What has been your money epiphany?"

Happy Holidays to All! It is so nice to write again.

I embarked on the journey to save money and pay down my debt to eventually buy a home. My best friend Naomi introduced me to Kumiko's The Budget Mom website. By using Kumiko's theories, free resources (some you have to buy), and other research, I hunkered down to make this work. What did I have to lose? Additionally, I read several books on investing and finances, all which some women dismiss so readily due to its jargon and complexity. Moreover, I visited two financial advisors that wanted to charge me a huge fee to tell me how to spend my money, and informed me that I had to budget (strict), and I cannot save money unless I paid off all my bills. NOT!

So, by following the Budget Mom's advice, I started reviewing my expenses to see where I spent the most, what were my usual bills etc. Then, I wrote everything down in black and white, and started paying attention. I separated the usual bills, household expenses, and yes, saving. David Bach's book, Smart Women Finish Rich, highlighted some very important advice all throughout the book. One was "pay yourself first". Every time I got paid, I incorporated that statement, along with Kumiko's (Budget Mom) advice to budget efficiently to pay my bills, and if I had extra, applied that to make extra payments (or savings).

In a year or so, I paid off my business card debt, lowered my credit card debt, paid-off my student loan (Yay!), and SAVED money. All with my single income and some gigs I did. It required discipline and assessing what is important and what is not. Although, the pandemic made it easier too (used unused funds to make extra payments) and staying in meant I did not spend money going out.

Yes, it may seem overwhelming at first, but it is doable. My usual motto (cleaned up for publishing, of course) is "I can do it, so can you," or "If that (bleep) can do it so can you!".

Saving money while still having debt was my money epiphany. All other negative talk is hogwash. You will never know until you try.

Now, I am on another journey to save more and make other changes while I am still young. Until then, we shall see.

Good luck on your quest! Go get'em!

All the best, Annette

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