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What Pandemic Money Habits Are You Keeping?

Between staying home all the time and fears of losing my job during a global pandemic, I was able to save a lot of money last year. Thankfully, I stayed employed throughout everything, and even managed to pay off all my credit card and student loan debt.

But now that the world is opening up and I'm vaccinated, I've definitely finding myself spending more money instead of saving it. I've been going out shopping and visiting with friends and family.

While I don't want to go back to the isolation of 2020, I do want to continue to keep saving money a priority so that I can reach some of my other financial goals.

I'm thinking about continuing with online grocery ordering, so I'm not tempted by impulse buys at the store. Meal prep was also something I tried last year — and it really helped me limit my spending on restaurant food. I need to get back to that.

Doing free things outdoors with my kid is another money-saving habit that I plan to stick to. We've also gotten really good at recreating the movie theater experience at home with popcorn and snacks that don't set me back 20 bucks.

I'm curious — have your spending habits also changed in recent months? Are there any habits you picked up during the pandemic that you plan to keep?

**Writer at The Penny Hoarder. All opinions expressed are my own and don't necessarily reflect the views of The Penny Hoarder.**

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