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Reply to "Would You Buy a "Tiny Home"?"

@Kirsten Cherry Hi we moved from a 2000 + up and down home
with a double lot. To 1007 foot home and land. The house is 707
square foot and the land 300. 
It is a 1920 home and i'm really enjoying it. Its small and does take
time to get use to but i like it.

We have our son who 27,daughter 24 son 16th husband myself plus
3 dogs that live with us. It has an upstairs with 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.

Has a living room kitchen bedroom down stairs laundry and bathroom down

I'm just trying to go threw things that i don't need still. It was a quite
chose we made to move here. But we been looking at small houses
for awhile or an rv.  I didn't care to much for an rv i think it would have
been to small for us. But i'm happy with the place we moved to.

i hope this helps you some. Oh all so if you watch youtube videos
they have family with small kids living in tiny homes.