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Average Monthly U.S. Electric Bill

Average Monthly U.S. Electric Bill
On average, the monthly electricity bill in the U.S. in 2021 was $122, up $5 from the previous year. Are you seeing this trend continue in 2022? What measures to you take to lower your electric bill?

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Ugh, my wife pays the electric bill out of her account but splits it with me. I just looked in WellPaid and we're paying $300 a month!! For us that's up almost a third over what we were paying last year. We're in San Diego, so not sure if we're using gasoline power, but we're going to start leaving the windows open more now.

My electric bill is lower during the winter and higher during the summer. It is usually close to $200 during the summer. I have gas heat and gas stove and water heater so that is higher during the winter. We don't use the air or heat until we absolutely have to. That is the way I was raised. If ceiling fans work we use them. My house is very shady though as I have hundreds of trees on my property. Always at least 10 degrees cooler inside then outside.

Just for electricity, over the last year, my bill has ranged from a low of $75 (winter) to a high of $150 (summer). My bill also includes water, trash, etc. added on to that. My natural gas for heating is billed from a separate company.
I keep the heat around 67 in the winter so I can "splurge" in the summer and keep the AC at 72. The price of natural gas has definitely gone up here, I can tell by looking at how many "therms" I used this year compared to last and how much my bill is.

I rent so I can't install solar panels or I would definitely look into it. I do wash clothes in cold, turn lights off, and keep the blinds closed in summer and open in winter. Right now we are having a hot spell (80 degrees) but this weekend will be back to the 60s so I'm trying to hold off turning on the AC for a couple more weeks. It's supposed to be breezy later this afternoon to help but with that comes a higher fire danger here in Colorado. We've had 2 smaller wildfires near me this week and 9 in the last month; we've had no precipitation for over a month.

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My  FPL bill is between$300 - $500 a month during the hot months of Miami, Florida.  During the winter months it could go $150 to $250, and we don't have many winter months.  That was with old windows and an old air condition unit.  I have since put in a new air unit inside and out and impact windows.  My bill hasn't changed much.  FPL is scamming.  They charge certain rates different in certain areas.  It's BS and I'm sick of it. I could lease or buy a brand new car/truck for $500 a month.

That's not our reality either. All our lights are LED, all our appliances are Energy Star and less than 5 years old, we run laptops instead of desktops and our monitors/TVs are LED as well. Our AC is a residential chiller system (very important in the very hot and arid West). We also charge our Bolt (an EV) on the house system and run our hot tub we are still well below that number. Our owned solar system is a big help for that.

We live in CA and our summer cooling bill will offset the lower winter months. We avoid putting on the AC for as long as possible. We unplug stuff and turn off lights, close the blinds in summer and open them in winter, wash in cold water, fluff in the dyer, and line dry. We use smaller appliances to cook and I'm considering making a solar cooker. Since we rent, we can't get solar panels, but do what we can.

My bill is ridiculous. Even during lockdown, when everyone was home 24/7 and heat was on all day long, I did not pay this much. Almost every light is LED, we use power strips that turn off so chargers, appliances, etc that aren't being used are not drawing elect. Heat was set at 63 all winter in my well insulated condo. I'll wait as long as I can before putting in A/C. I do laundry in cold water. Ugh. 🙄 I did, just this month, get on budget billing, so at least I can plan my power bill throughout the year. I'm hoping that helps! (I should say that I am in NH)

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