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Cash Envelope System: How to Make a Budget Stuffing Envelopes

If you have trouble sticking to a budget and need that extra push to hold yourself accountable -- here’s a secret weapon for you. Grab a stack of envelopes and let’s get started!

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Can some version of the cash envelope system, be done by computer? If so please let me know how.
James R

I know that some banks (even online ones) will allow you electronic "envelopes" for this type of thing. You may want to google it. Some people use spreadsheets. Several people in this group (TBM Family on Facebook) talk about using cashless envelopes.

I used this method a few times over time - it works. Now... I just stay home and off shopping sites - that seems to work too.

When I was having to watch pennies... which we no longer have in Canada... this was the only way I ensured I was able to pay for everything and not over spend.

I used it before for gas, food and fun money between paychecks and it definitely helped me avoid plastic spending and stay away from the cash machine. So my bank account was better off. I am now trying to do it again. It also helps bc my industry pays once a month, so we have to do our own system of splitting up our paychecks to make it the whole month.

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