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How Much Is Gas on Average?

How Much Is Gas on Average?
How much is gas on average? A lot more than it used to be. As gas prices continue to hit all-time highs in California, Texas and all across the U.S., we'd all like to know when gas prices will go down. What do you do to save some money at the pump?

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I live in South Texas, and the price of regular as of 5-18-22 was between $3.99 and $4.19 a gallon in my county.

To save money at the pump, use a rewards card. Next, drive the speed limit or drive slower to help save gas. Combine errands, and pay bills online. Don't let your vehicle idle for too long (my 2018 SUV when stopped at a red light, the engine shuts off and starts back up when my foot is on/off the brake pedal) ie, no need to run the car until it cools down inside, open the window(s). Use the re-circulate button (looks like an oval) on your dashboard when the A/C is turned on.

Carpool. The price of gas/diesel is only going higher.  Hopefully, we never go back to odd/even days again.

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The average is right on the money here in SW NH. I live VERY close to work and kids take the bus or ride bikes to school... But I do have one that is learning to drive so the practice hours are killing me with gas! But once we get through this, expenses will be a bit better.
However, driving is really a joy for me, and I go for drives on the weekend. Like people who eat out or play video games, that's my recreation, so although I could cut back, I haven't yet.

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I have a hybrid vehicle and I travel less. I am working remotely and I get about 1/2 of what I buy delivered.

I should also mention, that I get my gas either at Sam's Club or BJs which are the cheapest in town here. I use coupons, discounts, and rebates whenever possible. I keep my car well maintained so that I get the best possible gas mileage (which I track with every gas purchase.)

I live in Portland, Oregon & our gas precious have remained steady between $4.79 and $5.39 a gallon. I use a rewards card that gives you gas points at a local big box store as often as I can & I've also cut down on unnecessary travel. I am fortunate that I get a mileage benefit with my job which helps some, but I only receive it if I am traveling with my client, not to & from their homes. (I work with autistic children & adults & have to travel to activities & appts). I had to drop a couple clients that I was traveling 45 minutes one way to see. It just didn't make sense to pay out of pocket for that travel gas, especially for what I get paid per hour. 


This won't change the gas prices where you are but maybe it'll help in knowing that although the cost is seemingly outrageous all over at least you're not in LA paying $6+/gal. The lowest I've seen recently is $6.09 and yet the traffic is as bad as ever.

Sending good vibes to everyone & hope we all get through this as unscathed as possible.

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