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Walmart Plus vs Amazon Prime: How to Choose

Walmart Plus vs Amazon Prime: How to Choose
After a recent price increase for Amazon Prime, the e-commerce giant faces competition from Walmart Plus, the retailer's online shopping and delivery service.

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I currently have Amazon Prime and a rewards card for 5% and enjoy using Prime music to exercise to almost everyday. I also use Prime video mostly for movies very often, as I find better movies to stream on Prime. (No cable, only stream) I also have a a Capital One Walmart rewards card but do not need Walmart Plus since anything I order from is over $35 and with free shipping.

I utilize subscription orders for some grocery staples from Amazon with further discount. I had to weigh the pros and cons paying $20 more for annual but find it is worth it to us.

I purchase groceries (except meat) and some misc for curbside pickup at Walmart using my rewards card so I save 5% with online ordering. If I buy in store I only save 2%. There is only one actual grocery only store in town and I watch for sales on meat and stock my freezer from there.

Since Amazon prime allows me to add one family member to my account, my mom is on my account so we split the cost every year. (We do the annual membership)

Doing this makes it a reasonable price for both of us and we use it enough that it makes it worth it.

@PiNaY posted:

I have Amazon Prime. I’m bummed that it’s jumping up to $139 this year! Long gone are the days when it was only $99.

Yep, I'm considering dropping Amazon because of their big jump. I typically don't care if our orders get here next day or in two days, it's not that urgent. I use prime video now and then but actually prefer Netflix. Right now the only thing I'd miss is the free photo storage which I end up paying an additional $20/year because the "free" only covers photos and with grandkids we have a lot of videos and Amazon only allows maybe 2 or 3 videos and then you are over their file limit.

I have been with Amazon prime for years. They give a discount for low income people. So I enjoying the streaming service all of them. And the unlimited photos. I have a Walmart card and I won't join there membership. They give you free shipping for anything over $35. So I will stay with prime and.

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