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I buy my husband his coffee from amazon.
I've been buying allot more because I need
some things. I my use it to buy some craft
items to make and resell

Jan11 posted:

Please, can you change the choices for, "Top financial goal" to include at least one more option?

Hi Jan! Thank you for your comment about wanting more space to add additional financial goals. This is something we are working on! In the meantime, you can add your financial goals in the signature section of your profile. If you click on Profile Page>>Edit Profile>>scroll down towards the bottom. You can edit your signature from there. Just keep in mind, your signature will be added underneath your posts and will be public. If you have any questions, please let us know!  

We shop Amazon regularly, i look at all the offerings nearly on a daily basis and usually end up buying something we need and sometimes things we wanton a monthly basis most of the time.

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