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As inflation continues to rise, how is it affecting you the most?

Inflation: Prices on the Rise

Inflation is rising. That means stuff costs more. But your budget (and your paycheck) likely still need to catch up. What aspects of your daily life has inflation affected the most? Are there any steps you're taking to beat inflation and bulk up your purchasing power?

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Increase in cost of groceries, gas and other necessities
My savings aren't worth as much
My rent is going up
My retirement plans are no longer on track
My income can't keep up
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OK, this is bragging a bit, but I have a somewhat new Amazon Fresh in my neighborhood. Recently, they have been mailing out circulars in the local area with coupons for $20 off a purchase of $40 or more. Well, they don't have the greatest prices, but when you can get 45 to 50% off, it is a pretty good deal. They don't have everything I need to buy either, but I'm getting what I can there. The fact that a lot of my neighbors don't look at coupons so I can grab a bunch of extras from the recycling pile near our building mailboxes. Stocked up on half price olive oil and deli turkey yesterday. Going back for almonds and blueberries today.

Seems like every day now something is getting more expensive. Just went to get my monthly haircut to find it went from $16 to $18. A couple bucks here and there may not seem like much but when you add it up across many different items and categories, it really starts to make a significant dent in buying power.

We have managed to combat some of the rising cost by combining and limiting trips where possible. I'm looking into growing more of our own herbs and vegetables if possible. I had just learned to cook with more raw ingredients right before the intense price hikes, and have been bummed to have to limit my learning just because we can't afford some ingredients. At this point it's costing nearly as much to cook from home as it would be to just get take out, especially where meats are concerned in my area.

The real challenge is that we have an older kiddo, so I've been trying to find things to invest in doing at home rather than having to pay for trips to the pool, amusement parks, ect. We have always done cheap or free but like another commenter said: it's just been everything.

Who in their right mind votes for and keeps voting for C**P like this?  Surely nobody in their right mind yet there are are those perpetually clueless fools out there voting for the liberals or progressives or whatever they currently call themselves despite their showing America their ineptitude and disdain for the average American with the attitude 'I've got my piece of the American dream, a big home. S**T loads of money, great health care and a good life and as for the rest of you, eat S**T, hit the gutter and rot for all I care'. There, that's about it in a nutshell.

So tell us why you are here then ? You're not helping anybody, all you're doing is ranting about what you might own and have.

Just in a few weeks I've seen these increases -

Home owners insurance up $200

Gas spending $25 more a week (recently as this number keeps going up)

Raisins - $2 more

Protein drink - $5 more

Frozen chicken tenders - $3 more

Electric bill $100 more than this time last year

And I'm at least 1 year away from a pay increase.


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