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Do you prefer to work from home or work on location?

Many companies are beginning to shift back to sending employees to the office or worksite after managing a fully remote workforce for the last couple of years. But what do the employees think about giving up having no commute and being able to work in their sweatpants?

Do you currently work from home and love it? Or are you antsy to get back to the human interactions that can only be found working on location?

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I prefer to work from home
I prefer to work on location
I prefer a hybrid work model
None of these apply to me
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I LOVED working from home! I did it for about a year and a half, and now have a hybrid- 3 days in office and 2 at home. This is perfect- I get to spend time in my place and more time with the kids, while still having the face to face interaction with my awesome co-workers.

I prefer to work from home, and I always will. Fewer distractions, fewer office politics, fewer go-nowhere meetings. On the other hand, it was nice to go to lunch with people or for after work drinks. Before COVID, I was able to meet people for lunch, which made a nice break in the day, or go to Starbucks and work. Messaging and Slack provide just enough interaction for me.

I really enjoy working from home better but I was never a very social person in the workplace.  You really can't beat a zero minute commute and that's a lot of extra time back to me (and savings in gas).  I also like to be able to have leftovers for lunch without needing to pack a meal.  I'm definitely much more productive with all of the comforts of home (my tea kettle, relaxing spots, pets nearby, etc.) 

Before COVID, my job would not let me work from home, during COVID, I was able to telework and go into the office only once every 2-3 weeks.  I loved it and was more productive. I got to sleep longer without having to walk my dog in the morning before leaving for work which was an hour commute. In mid-July, I was required to start coming into work once a week.  I had been eligible to retire for 6 years, so decided to retire at the end of August.  I would have retired a year earlier if I had not been able to telecommute.

I worked from home for a year and a half. I cleaned every room and cooked up a storm. Even worked in the yard. I only have about an hour worth of work to do and at work I just do surveys and other things to pass the time. My boss watches youtube and finds hearings to do when he can outside of our office. LOL

I loved working from home and was a medical and meeting transcriber for a total of 12 years (5 years, then again after a few years break, for another 7 years). I no longer work at all but some day I would like to do proof reading out of my home or edit voice recognition transcription. Right now my disabled husband needs my care though.


I’ve never worked from home due to the professions I have worked in, but if I had a job that allowed me to work from home, that would be my choice.  I’d be able to not have to leave my pets alone and I would not have to spend money on gas or deal with traffic.

I worked from home before COVID. I got laid off and didn't find another role until last July. The first project was not optimal but still flexible enough that I had some flexibility during my workday. My current project could only be more abysmal if I was in an actual call center. Lunchtime can vary daily but is still only 30 mins. Contract work is mostly tolerable to receive a paycheck while you look for another role, but it's an awful merry-go-round when employers think that you are a job hopper because you go from role to role while seeking a permanent role. I don't know that I could suffer through a commute any longer. Remote is much more in my comfort zone.

I loved working from home for the past 2 years. With gas prices, parking in DC (was $17 a day right at beginning of pandemic),  terrible commute, and aftercare costs - I hate the thought of returning to an office. I went months without seeing anyone in my division, so why do I have to come in? I am out here looking hard for remote work. I want to continue to pick up my child from school at regular dismissal, avoid those high parking fees, and terrible commute!


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