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Does your employer offer good benefits?

Are Your Employee Benefits Good or Bad?

Having a job you love is one thing. But one aspect that might make you love your job a lot more is if it offers great employee benefits, potentially saving you thousands a year in health insurance costs in addition to other great perks like generous PTO, life insurance and retirement contributions. Would you swap jobs solely because a new potential employer offers better benefits? Do you think your current employer should offer better job benefits?

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They could be better!
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I voted yes, real good, free health insurance for the employee, for as long as you work there, plus when you retire you also get to keep the health insurance, still free for life. You get a monthly pension check for life, and reduced dental insurance,  I pay just $9.59 a month, Plus if you're a smoker like I am, you get a cancer insurance policy, I pay $30 a month for it. That dollar amount comes out of one's monthly pay/pension check after they retire. As an added bonus, $5,000 burial insurance is for free too. Along with your choice should you sign up for it, 401k, IRA, ROTH I.R.A., Along with 6 other retirement accounts that you set up while you are still working. The pay is not the greatest as a government employee but the retirement is what the smart people stick around for.

Oops, I forgot Airline, car rental discounts, plus lots of other built-in discounts, that I have not checked out since last year it is all online through my job, but I did talk to a retirement rep. back in March 2022 and was told it all still exists.

I have great benefits! I work in the field and I drive a company car, have company insurance, use a company credit car for upkeep and gas. No wear and tear on my vehicle anymore!!  I Just got my 2nd COLA raise and a yearly merit raise! I get my 403-B matched by the company which I am maxing out. Several times over the past year we have received bonuses for certain company goals achieved. I get paid for taking online training courses. The company pays part of a fitness membership and has a program that  gives us access to 5 free sessions with each legal (help with wills, & etc.,) financial planning, mental health and 2 more I can't recall. There are many more benefits like company paid life insurance & Accident insurance that gives $100 for each of first two visits to any Dr. for each family member plus pays for accident. I'll definitely get mine with my broken hand. I have access to a dr. at work for simple things like cold and a second opinion or advice on what type of Dr to go to for certain health issues.

If we are out of work for some reason weather its a day off or we're sick our other co-workers step up and will pick up one of your 6-8 patients and works them into their schedule and makes sure they are covered. I have almost all weekends and holiday's off. I might have to work a weekend a few times a year and a couple holidays. It is rare in Hospice Healthcare to have time off.

The company pays a stipend that cover all except $5 of my personal cellphone bill because we are on call 24/7, but I have never been called out in 7 years. We have weekend & on call staff for that. We can ask for a mental health day off per quarter with pay. I get my birthday off with pay and can take any day off of course you have to ask in advance. We get recognized with awards usually with a gift card, or small gift, company meal or food truck for lunch. Believe me I Work HARD, BUY YES I'm lucky! I have great benefits!!

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