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Has inflation caused you to rethink how much you need in your emergency fund?

Inflation is a hot topic these days. You're already paying more for everyday items like gas and groceries, but what about your savings? Does the recent spike in inflation have you reassessing how much you need to keep in your emergency fund?

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I've definitely been wanting to add more to my emergency fund but this is the 2nd month in a row that I have not been able to add any money at all. Normally we can add $200, sometimes $300 per month. We have had hospital and other medical bills from late December through February, but we have stayed on top of them and not used any of our emergency fund, just haven't added to it. Groceries have been cut to bare bones; implementing meat as a side dish and more vegetables and beans to fill the plates. I'm hoping April we can start adding to it again. We will continue our new eating pattern anyway.


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