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How prepared are you for retirement?

How Are You Preparing for Retirement?

Planning for retirement can be equal parts stressful and exciting. For one, no more Sunday Scaries. Plus, you finally have the time to enjoy your hobbies, travel and be with loved ones. But there are many pieces to consider when creating a retirement plan, from Social Security and Medicare to taxes and investments.

So, how prepared are you for your retirement? Are your savings and investments on track? Will you still be working, at least part-time, when you reach retirement age?

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My retirement plans are on track
My retirement plans need some work, but I think I'll be OK.
My retirement plans are NOT on track
I'm already retired – hooray!
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If I had stayed single and kid-free, I'd be well on my way to retire at least a little early, lol. But life had other (better) plans. Still, my eventual retirement is on track – just need to pay off a little debt over the next year then start doubling-down on saving as much as I can for our entire little family.

I have been planning my retirement since 2020. Retirement date is 2025!! I'm  paying off debt, working a second job, It's hard work and I'm tired,  but with it In the long run.  I am also grateful for good health to be able to continue in my goal.

I'm already last job was back in 2007 but ever since I lost that job, Jehovah has taken good care of me. How? Well not to go into details...but by me really believing n applying Matthew 6:33 is a protection from any scary situation that may come up..I've learned from applying that scripture it has saved me from being scared from not knowing how I was going to pay for a bill to how I was going to get food to eat...bc the other scriptures b4 that one in verses 25-32..shows from what Jesus said helps anybody to see by having Faith in God's willingness to help anybody to get life's needs like food, shelter n clothing the basic needs...why would God supply those things?? He would. Bc we are made in his image as Genesis 1:26...and what Jesus says in Matthew 6:33 is not just a promise but a gaurantee that God will add to our lives...

So there's no need to worry about our daily needs..he even says in Matthew 6:11 give us our daily bread...n wouldn't God answer that prayer?? Of course he would..So by the word retire I don't really retire by me being one of Jehovah Witness...we never retire...bc it would suggest that doing God's will has a limit n it doesn't...

I am so pleased to be retired.  I began planning for retirement in my 30's.  I  bought stocks w/out a broker and allowed all dividends to be invested to buy more stocks. My IRA was also set up that way.  Just before we retired my 3rd stock broker retired and once again our accounts were switched to a younger broker. We were correct the new broker was a son of of one of our not too close friends.  After 6-7 months of having our account he phoned and asked us to come into the office.  We set a date and when we met the first question was " Who advised you to set up what's in your accounts?"  My hubby replied my wife does all our investing."  If I could do that. so can you.  Our new broker stated no changes need to be made.  He inherited 100+ clients and when he got to us, only 2 other accounts needed no changes.  We collect rent checks and dividend checks all month long.  It is a great way to live out a retired life.

My wife and I purchased a retirement home in Florida a little over a year ago. I have been busy remodeling the house for our needs. I have been working my backside off replacing the floors down to the joist. The ceilings and new lighting are next, including new wiring. Then new kitchens (2), new bathrooms (2). Of course, new steps, patio, and deck. I'll have to squeeze gardens and fencing in there somewhere! My wife says she has never seen me happier! We are doing the snowbird thing right now, but plan on selling our two homes in Maryland. One to my son.


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