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Other than peace of mind and security, what is the best thing money can buy?

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Opportunities. It doesn't however, make you less risk adverse. I found it interesting to read somewhere that the average person has made 1.5 really poor financial decisions in their lifetime, while the very rich have made 6. // So, back to opportunities. Travel can be done cheaply, but it's usually not as cheap as staying put. //Giving. There are ways to volunteer time, but material goods usually take some cash outlay. //Career choices. A curtailed conventional education is not as common a thing as in the past, but some who only work on a cash basis have fewer options upfront. //Where you live. That could impact all sorts of things. Personal safety. Food prices. (Because of increased pilfering.) Vehicle safety. Social interaction. (Not safe at night.) Insurance costs. Access to services. Businesses avoid really bad neighborhoods.// Access to transportation. Cars are expensive and not every place has good public transport. //Jobs. Appearances matter. Conventional education is thought of more highly by HR than that learned in the trenches. // The ability to leverage resources. Unless you pull a Ponzi scheme or do some sort of crowdfunding, you generally have to have some sort of capital outlay to start something. Especially with regulations the way they are currently. Mary Kay would not be able to start making cosmetic products in her kitchen in this day, without massive insurance overhead and sterile conditions. 

Lodging and living expenses wherever i decided to park my butt for a minute. And the freedom to start charitable organizations that really help those in need. 

Shorter answer would be anything I wanted. A world wide spree to get it out of my system and spoil myself and loved ones and select friends completely. 

Then the unlimited freedom that comes from not punching a clock. Taking time to research and investigate and set up for causes that touch my heart. 

And perhaps tuition to Oxford just because they have a killer library. 

Anything that would help others - including our environment, earth, animals, rescue groups - things that are being harmed in our world.  Money means power but only if used responsibly.  IF money were no object I would purchase land in the Amazon forests and never allow anything to be done to it,  it would remain protected. 

Oh, there's so much.  I initially said food because I'm a foodie who dreams of opening her own restaurant some time within the next ten years (I'm slowly putting aside money twice a month and learning everything I can about the business).  It can also buy experiences such as a week in Quebec--I'm a traveler at heart.  It can also buy video games--right now I'm playing Disney Magic Kingdoms and Dead in Vinland.  Money can buy a lot, but it also brings its own set of problems.  Money can also buy education, which can produce more money and open a lot of doors.

That said, I've had times where I've had more than enough and times where I've had barely enough.  Each has its pros and cons.  More than enough was a lot of fun, but I'm a lot happier now, when money is tight.  Basically as long as I have enough to live on and feed my pets, I'm happy.

Now that hubby has retired, we sold our home in California, and moved to a much more conservative State. We are free of debt, children, and in-laws. But he won't relax and is worried about money all of the time even though we have provided well for our retirement. I am still working, he collects Social Security and I explain our investments are doing well. My plan is to take him on short trips then extend them over time until he is ready for a two-week vacation.

I am a home body and I have created for my family and myself place of comfort.When we have to go out, for instance to work or school or out in general, sometimes the world has a tendency to just want to beat up on you just because it can,  now we have gotten to the point we hate to even leave home and now  a days finding a place of comfort and even a piece of mind is priceless!!

I don't believe that "Time Is Money" because time is more valuable than money because once lost it cannot be regained.

That being said, I believe the best thing money can buy is "Time Freedom" that comes when you have the money to pay for things that would otherwise take up your time, thus allowing you to spend your time doing what you want to do.

The hubby and I sold both our homes. NY and tx. We're traveling in our 5th wheel and loving it. We are basically stuck in the Catskills of ny for the winter. No one here offers winter housing. He makes great money here and are trying to save at least 3/4 of it. We can't afford to rent a place as it would eat up any of our savings!

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