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What lessons about money did you learn from your parents?

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I agree with EVER funds. Buy what you NEED, NOT what you want, 2 very different things, If u do use a Credit card, don't do unless you can pay off the balance in FULL at the end of the month, also watch out for the credit card pushers with a card for entertainment, flying, you know what I mean, You'll earn POINTS! and have more cards than you need! Use 1 or 2 + if u can't pay off the balance at the end of the month, u shouldn't have more than 1. Just saying....

MY PARENTS USED TO TELL ME THAT,"you may have to wait to buy something you want"...also you need to make choices about how to spend money.They also said,"the sooner you save,the faster your money can grow from compound interest.

When I was 15yrs,I started comparing colleges...then my parents adviced,"WHEN COMPARING COLLEGES,BE SURE TO CONSIDER HOW MUCH EACH SCHOOL WOULD COST...

...And when I was 18yrs I asked them if I can use a CREDIT CARD...and they replied,"ONLY IF YOU CAN PAY OFF THE BALANCE IN FULL EACH MONTH"...

 But they promised to look for a credit card that offers low interest rate and no annual fee...

My Father once said,"My son,look! Money is passing by...just pursue and grab it...!!!"

And I asked him"Dad,how could that be possible? 'Cos,I couldn't see anything passing by...Money is very very important to life...therefore go and make sure you make it in life he said...

My Mom taught me alot about saving money. First she taught me to try to save some and spend some. Also when it comes to buying things, she always taught me to shop around, so dont buy the first thing you see, so do a comparison shopping. And dont fall for those get rich quick schemes. All they want is your money.

to always take the first 5% of my take home pay, any and all pay raises to savings. to always have at least 3 months of salary in short term savings. then if living with a partner take the more stable income and live on that bank the other's salary for the rainy day, retirement or major expenses.

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