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Who is your favorite personal finance guru?

Personal Finance Gurus You Should Be Taking Advice From

We're all looking for a little advice on how to best take care of our finances now and into the future. Outside of hiring a professional, many follow the wisdom of long-established money gurus. From over-the-top TV personalities like Jim Cramer to best-selling authors like Suze Orman and self-made billionaires like Warren Buffett, who's your go-to personal finance expert?

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Suze Orman
Warren Buffett
Dave Ramsey
Barbara Corcoran
Jim Cramer
Robert Kiyosaki
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I have always been my own financial guru. I began investing regularly by age 24. Before then I had c.d.s, stock, and savings account.  I always talked w/ people who were successful investors, most of them were plain Janes and Joes.  I always made friends of my bankers, and were told many times that I should have been an investment advisor.  Investing for me was so easy I did not understand why any one would pay money for some thing that was so easy to do all by them selves.  And generally there was no cost, even to buy stocks. I came from a family that was very poor on both sides of my family and I never wanted to be that poor at there ages.  It was difficult enough to be poor as a child.

I think David Bach, Automatic Millionaire, was my starting favorite. I also liked Joe Domingo and Vicky Robin's book from years ago that's popular again. Through the years, I would read pretty much anything personal finance-related, including from some authors listed in the survey. Now, however, my best resources are all online, the Penny Hoarder, being one of them.

I hit Other, the reason being, that I use my own advice and do my due diligence on any one stock, I plan on investing in. I also use my Big Brothers advice as well seen as he has done quite well for himself and he has been investing for the long haul for more than 48 years to my 30 years of investing. And last but not least if you need a name of a famous investor, I choose Uncle Carl Ichan I am well familiar with everybody on your list, but I would not and do not follow 80% of the people listed above. Besides, there are at least fifty real good advisors that I know but it would take me too long to list.

I was asked on my last home buying experience, who my financial advisor was as part of the loan application process?  I said myself, and I got a strange look from the mortgage company representative.  I felt like that was a break moment in my application process.  "How can you be your own financial advisor?" was the look I got.  Through vast amounts of personal and formal eduction, I have been able to raise a good sum of money for my family, and my retirement.  Being in the military, my pay was consistent but we weren't making 7 figures by any means.  Steady consistent savings and putting money away for retirement has been my focus for the last 40 years.  I have bought and sold multiple homes, put three kids through College without debt, and saved for retirement.  I still manage my own investments and currently own two homes for seasonal purposes.  A broker offered me 1% to manage my accounts plus any fund expenses.  I literally saved myself $100,000 over 10 years by doing it myself.  I also teach financial literacy classes for multiple nonprofit organizations.  It is not impossible to prepare yourself financial with a little study and consistent learning about managing your money.  if you can't find the time, or just don't have interest in learning about personal finance, at least find a trust worthy financial advisor, preferably with a fiduciary agreement, so that they work in YOUR best interest.  Either way it is worth your time and MONEY to get it right.


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