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You just received a $5,000 bonus at work. Your significant other says you should give at least $500 to your church or a charity. Go or no-go?

Posted by Grace Schweizer ·

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I said no really just depends on how you are doing financially at that time. If your bills are paid and you have some left over as a reserve then by all means give to charity or your church but dont put yourself in a bind if you can use the money. 

My husband and I have been tithing for years.  I truly believe we have been blessed in many ways because of it.  Some people are called to give money, some are called to give time.  I believe God leads me to give in different ways and to different people.  It's the spirit of giving.  It feels good, and does good!

I would give the tithe to the church. I learned from my grandmother 75 years ago it doesn't matter if you lots of money or a little. She always gave her 10%. I have followed her example. I have been blessed more times than not.

You will NEVER go wrong giving!  Always the first thing out of my check is to the church.  Not out of fear if I don’t, but rather GOD said to prove HIM by our tithes and offerings in the book of Malachi. HE has never let me or my family down yet. If you will miss 1/10th of your check, you probably need to re-evaluate anyway. Definitely give!

I've been homeless twice and nearly wiped out by medical debt once, so I'm almost always willing to donate something to charity.  I donate monthly to Save the Children even though I don't make a lot.  I also volunteer with a faith-based program that helps homeless families get back on their feet--they always need someone to volunteer to spend the night at the shelter just in case something goes wrong--fortunately that's happened on my watch only once.  I've also written about homelessness for a couple of different publications, and used to have a job as a mental health blogger.  I try to educate people through my writing as my tithe.

I rarely donate money to any charity.  I prefer to donate my time instead, as that is more valuable to me as something I can never get back.  Teaching people new skills, tutoring (children through college), serving those less fortunate... I find those are better gifts to society (for me, not necessarily others!) than cash.

Give with a cheerful heart. If your heart is not in the right place and you don’t understand what the tithe is meant for then you should prolly not tithe just because you significant other says so. Don’t follow blindly but rather learn and listen to what God calls you to do. 

Actually, tithing 10 percent to your local church where you are receiving spiritual food is biblical. This is one way the Lord can enter into a financial covenant with you and allows Him access to be your Wisdom in your financial affairs. God is wiser than we are. Praise Him forever!

Even if it's not a church or ministry, $500 can help a cause you believe in, and you're still ahead financially. Some thoughts. Give wisely. 1) Check out the expense ratio first. What percentage actually goes to the cause you believe in, above "overhead". Some organizations have surprisingly well paid CEO's and high "advertising" costs. 2) A bigger chunk does more than many small gifts. For example. $5 to 100 organizations does little good, it costs almost that much to process the gift and pay for mailings. 

I believe giving should be a part of everyone's financial plan, whether it is giving to a church or your local charity.

Giving keeps us humble and also trains us to be responsive to the needs of others and helps us realize just how good we have it.

My mentor recommends giving no matter how tight your finances are, even if it is as small as a dollar.

There is just something healthy about giving.

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