Arise - making your own call center

Just curious to see if anyone has any experience with arise and their program ?

I worked for them a few years ago for the client Walgreens. It was an okay job. You have to either get a tax ID number if you’re in business for yourself or sign up with one of the many other businesses they have listed. It’s a 1099 position no matter how you sign up so you’ll have to pay your own taxes. Once you choose a client and pay for their training (it really doesn’t cost a lot, unless you’re broke, then it might as well be a zillion dollars) you can schedule as many hours as you want. You just want to make sure you actually show up and work for the hours you choose.

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Well that’s interesting. I will check them out.

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Is this a stay at home job?

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It looks like it. I just googled Arise and lots of info came up.

It is work at home