Hello! Id like to know if I open An account in Aspiration bank can I still using my other bank acc (Bank of America) because I need to make transfers with zello. Thanks

Aspiration### Aspiration

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You can open multiple bank accounts

@soraima.deniz.perez You can have multiple bank accounts, you can even connect them together to make transfers from one bank to the other if you need to.

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@moore.income Is it hard to connect multiple bank accounts? Can any account be connected to another?

@soraima.deniz.perez they don’t yet have a built in Zelle integration – you could transfer funds to another account but it’s not as quick and easy as it is with Zelle at other banks, etc.

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I just signed up for Aspiration and tried to sign up through Bank of America and had problems but customer service helped and using another bank. Hope it helps.

Absolutely, you can still use your BOA. I just recently opened an Aspiration account it’s been 6 months I think. So far I like the Aspiration. I have gotten a few cash back already and then I set up the transfer between my BOA and Aspiration account. You can also use Zelle if you want to.

Aspiration no longer has interest on saving account unless you make large monthly deposits or have $15,000 sitting there…

I have been unable to initiate transfers from Aspiration as their platform doesn’t support ALL banks. I have to transfer in & out from my Huntington Bank account and it takes about a week…not sure that I will be keeping the Aspiration account that I just opened in March 2019…