Baking business

I would like to bake and sell from home.

What are the laws in North Dakota?

Do you need to apply for a subcontractors license with Stste?

Will I need to submit a W9 at years end?

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Is you home certified?

You had me at baking

I was curious about this myself so went and found this very interesting article, hope it helps…s-out-home-4688.html


Hi @pansey! The Penny Hoarder has TONS of great articles with resources for small businesses.

Although not specific to baking or North Dakota, here are two of our recent articles you might find helpful to getting your business up and running.
The 5 Best Banks for Small Business Owners in 2019These 11 Tips Will Help You Get Financing to Start a Small Business

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Great to see someone else from North Dakota on here!

I am not up to date with all the laws related to a baking business but I have always been able to get answers by calling the State agencies responsible for helping you get your business set up legally.

Google may also be handy for getting answers to your questions but a call directly to them would probably get you answers quicker.