Check your BOA CC statement

Bank of America had a $30.xx on my account as an intesrest charge although I paid the balance in full and before the due date / closing period. The second service rep I spoke with removed the charge and apologized after the first one had no idea why it was there and had to transfer me. No one could explain the charge.

Make sure to check your accounts regularly.

I dont care for BOA in general but they currently have the best cash back CC, but if it happens again I wont hesitate to ditch them.

Hi! This is one reason I closed my BOA credit cards. I’d pay my balance in full, and the interest would still show on the statement. Then I’d have to call BOA to have it removed.

If it happens again, I wont be using my card anymore…

This happened to me with Chase Bank. I average an incident every six months with them. Only reason I keep them is because they guarantee my disability check.