coming out of my shell

don’t really know how to talk to people when it comes to anything about my life

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@collins Crystal, you are taking the first step by being on this forum. I know it can be uncomfortable at first talking to complete strangers, but I have found that when you reach out and genuinely take an interest in others, conversation begins to come naturally.

As you talk to people, you will find times when you may have a life experience that would be helpful in the conversation, by sharing your life experience you bring value to the conversation and it can be extremely helpful.

If there are things that you have questions about the best way to get them answered is to simply ask! Asking questions can never hurt and can actually encourage people to share their personal experiences and create a great conversation.

For example:

What are some ways you are practicing good financial habits in your life?

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COLLINS Crystal just say what you want. Like you was
talking to a friend or family member. We all have good
times and bad times in our life and its good to share.