Drop in credit score

My credit score was in the 600’s with in 1 week 5 days I checked my Experian or others and my credit score went down 72 pts !! There was a big zero score since then march 12th my new credit score is 4 pts my TransUnion I believe is 500 + that dropped some. I do have suspicion of somebody using my social security number. When adk to verify myself on S.S. site they froze my # I have a screenshot of the person’s name ( My 1st guess) was a friend on F.B. and I’m guessing I have his old Cell ph # this person is in my city . I have no idea as to why the 4 credit bureaus apps did not catch this or now how doni find out if infact this credit drop is due to his using my S.S. # ?

Thank You, Lori

You need to get in contact with any of the 3 credit bureaus and explain what is going on- either by phone or internet- if you are locked out, prepare to have lots of documentation to describe your true identity. They all offer a service to help you do this (for $) but you can do it yourself once you start the process- then you need to go through and dispute each incorrect item. I would also recommend filing a police report for stolen identity- ID theft. That goes a long way to help you with the credit bureaus. Good luck!!!