Finance Goals & Plan for 2024

I will be honest, most years I wait until the last minute to make any solid financial plans for the following year but I am trying to think ahead this year.

With the last 2 months of the year upon us, and with the holidays upcoming, this time will fly by before we know it.

I am still working out specific goals for 2024 but for now I am trying to do a deep dive into my finances including making sure my business finances are in order so I can file taxes sooner rather than waiting until the last possible minute (like I did this year lol)

That being said, I am curious, do you have any 2024 financial goals you would be willing to share?

It’s never too early to start planning and by sharing with each other we can help each other be more prepared for the year ahead!

thanks i’ll wait for the community to bring great ideas

This is always a great topic, @moore.income! While I started off 2021in pretty good shape, I wound up with a bit of credit card debt by mid year. I’m budgeting to pay it off by the end of 2023!

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