Home Repair

I’m looking for grants that deals with Home Repair

What kind of home repair do you have in mind?

Depends on income, what you are needing done and where you are located…

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Yes, many areas have weatherization programs if that’s the kind of repair you are seeking.

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I think HUD has a grants program for home repairs and improvements.

He said GRANT programs which do not require loans and income requirements.

If you are a senior citizen, many times your local Senior Center will have a group of volunteers that will help you.

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@keron.x.willis I mentioned HUD earlier in this thread. Go to https://www.rd.usda.gov/progra…-repair-loans-grants.

Hi I live in S.C I own my single wide mobile home and the land it sits on, but the home needs lots of repairs the floors suffered water damage and are about to fall through in places and there is mold under the home. We looked into buying something new but because of credit scores payments would have been 900 a month AMD going from nothing to 900 was going to be more stressful than I can handle. If I can get a grant/loan and spend 40,000 estimate I would be in so much better shape than if I bought something new. Does anyone know where I can get help? And how soon I can get it i don’t have long or my floors are going to collapse. This is our primary residence. Any info would be awesome!