How can I start a class action lawsuit against CenturyLink

This is the second time I’ve been a customer with CenturyLink. My first experience with them I tried for over 6 months to be approved for the “Lifeline” program but every time I sent in the forms I would receive a reply that I was not able to be approved because something was wrong with my application. After 6 months of filling out the application and getting the same reply I gave up trying and just paid my full bill. I receive SSI so after a year and a half the bill got to be too much so I cancelled my service. I live in an area that has poor cell service so internet is a mandatory need and my only other option is with a company that charges way more than CenturyLink so eventually I went back to CenturyLink. Well this time I went directly to to apply for the program and was approved so I contacted CenturyLink and filled out their application and gave them my approval code for lifeline in order to start receiving the discount on my bill but 2 months later I receive a letter from CenturyLink stating that I was not approved and that I would need to reapply. It was the same problem as last time so I contacted Lifeline and had them conference call CenturyLink with me but every time we were given a number to the “billing” department we were told we were sent to the wrong department and were given a different number to call. By now not only do I know CenturyLink is giving me the run-around on purpose in order to not approve me for the discount program but so does the Lifeline program so I’m needing to find out how to start a class action lawsuit?

Get a lawyer who will take the case. That is the first step to any lawsuit.

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I would look up who the CEO of Centurylink is and write a letter outlining what you have been through and what it is you need done, and threaten legal action if they don’t do what they’re supposed to. At least try reaching a higher-up because you’re not getting anywhere with customer service obviously. Actually I just looked up the CEO’s email for you. His name is Jeff Storey and his email is He probably won’t answer you directly but I guarantee someone is handling his email and they might be able to get this resolved for you. Good luck.

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There are lawyers who do nothing but class actions, but beware. The only people who make money in class actions are the lawyers. The members of the class usually get very little. And class action lawsuits need lots of people who are “similarly situated” to your circumstance. In other words, the facts of your case must be essentially identical to theirs. That may be difficult. I’m talking you’ll need more than 50 in order to survive any challenge Century Link will throw at you in the beginning to try and break up the “class” for not meeting the requirements in the Civil Rules and make each Plaintiff bring a separate lawsuit. Class action lawyers will not want to try each case separately.

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You may want to take a look at Top Class Actions website to see if CenturyLink class action lawsuits already exist:

Thank you to everyone who replied. I’ve looked into other lawsuits against CenturyLink and there are more than just a few. I also contacted investigators with the LifeLine program which is a governmental program for low income and disabled people and I had them try to contact CenturyLink with me on the line and it was the same thing as always. I’ve started writing down the customer service people that I’ve come in contact with and have started to track them down also. They knowingly give people the run-around for their employer so they are just as liable as CenturyLink. I’ve contacted my local government consumer affairs department, my states attorney general’s office, and the Better Business Bureau in my area so I’m sure I’ll find plenty of complaints similar to minebut because of the pandemic that is currently happening it might take a little bit more time than usual but I’ll figure it out. I do appreciate all the information that people have given me also it’s been a big help.