how to save money

Consider a spending fast every few months to stop all unnecessary money and to put the money in your bank. Know the sales cycle, so you know the best time to purchase every item. Consider shopping at consignment shops and thrift stores to save money.

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Don’t waste money on unnecessary things

Spending fasts are great. I use them to again get ‘used to’ not spending unless budgeted and essential.

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I do this: I ask myself can I live without this or not? Or the other times I can think of, I use to go out to the ice cream truck from time to time and then I figured that if I dont go out there to buy it,I’ll have the money for something else. So I decided to not go outside. So instances like that is how I come to save money. And when I go to the grocery store I normally go with a grocery list and for the most part I wont get anything that is not on the list…sometimes I cheat, but for the most part I dont.

And for the most part when it comes to buying things on the internet I dont go to sites that I wouldnt go to unless I am looking for something, that’s the only time I will go to Amazon or places like that…

For the most part i try to live below my means and recognize what my needs are and what my wants are…I had to teach my self that…its not easy, it’s sometimes hard, cas we live in a world or rather a country where we are bombarded with buy, buy, buy this or that…So we have to train our selves to recognize our weak points and really train ourselves to not to do certain things…if we do that we will be ok and not be in debt…

Now some people feel they have to be debt but that’s not me. I feel like if I am in debt its bc I choose to be, it’s not that anybody forced me to be…so we have to live with our choices, but we can learn from them. That’s how I see it…


Frankly speaking you gats make trading to make a huge savings

When you want to buy items, consider two days. Maybe after two days you do n’t feel the need to buy these things.


There are many strategies for saving money. It isn’t always easy but if you really want to save, you can do it. The main thing is to use your head, not your emotions, when you want to purchase something. The only one who can help you save money is yourself. It’s very easy for someone else to tell you, “Just don’t buy it!” but ultimately you are in charge of your finances.

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To save, every single category is fair game for a trim. Start with a baseline budget or as Donna Freedman puts it, your “Financial Fire Drill”. She asks you to imagine (or if you’re actually in that situation) a loss of income. That’s where you start. The bottom line amount on your actual needs. Housing. Utilities. Food. Clothing. Transportation. Then figure from there. The difference between income and outgo is the amount you can save. // As far as techniques used to help you save, there are many. Have part of your income automatically siphoned off into a non touchable savings account or investment. Use cash for purchases. Save change in a jar. Save $1 bills or $5 in a jar. Freeze credit cards. Cook at home. Buy used, (clothes, car, etc.) Barter. Etc.

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That’s fine on setting up a separate category for saving…but thing with that is that u need to self disciplined to not touch it. I believe strongly that if u just watch how you spend yr $$ you’ll be fine.

Now if yr a spender, a person who needs to keep track of what u spend then try something that has been already suggested…but for a average person who just wants to keep track of their $$ it’s not nearly as a need as people think…yes, I use the envelope system which is what I picked up from Dave Ramsey which I find to suit me, but you may need some other system to wrangle in yr spending to begin with…but if your just wanting to watch yr spending theres no need to jump thru hupes…

Try writing down yr spending, to see where you need to wrangle in the $$, but think of it as a game, not as a chore, cas if u do it that way, you wont be too bored with it and it wont get tiring or you wont throw in the towel…you see what I’m saying…

And you can listen to podcasts but after a while you may want to use some of their ideas but you may want to go it alone…cas that way, if yr successful you dont have to thank anybody, but yr self and that way it boosts yr self confidence and then you’ll be on a roll…

Or when it comes to setting up a separate account in yr bank, dont take it from me, but that will only annoy you more cas you’ll just want to check it from time to time…just keep your $$ in the same account and just keep track of what you have, that’s all. What I believe is if you keep your needs and your wants under control you’ll be ok…

You see a need is Food, shelter and clothing…that’s it…!! Anything aside from those things are WANTS! So its yr choice, what will you do with yr wants? Will you allow them to be the voice in yr head telling you, You need this or else…!!

So just ask your self…this…If I dont get THIS, what will happen??? Will you be unhappy? A loser? A wimp? A person who nobody will like? Are you doing it to impress someone else other than you??

What we buy says alot about who we are as a person…think about that…let it sink in…Do you really need that new iPhone or those new shoes? Or whatever it is…do you NEED it, or do you WANT it? Theres a difference fokes…Just remember that when yr bank account is empty…take a look at that thing you bought…get the picture?? If we control our minds, we can control what we buy, what we have in the bank and so forth…it comes down to self control…a simple thing but hard to do, if you have not recognized the difference from what your Needs are from your wants…or desires…what we think about is what will manifest in what we do with our time, money, etc…

So pray for self control…Philippians 4:13 God is the one who gives me power…so get to jt…

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Wow! That’s a lot of information. In the last couple of years I have been paying more attention to what is a want as opposed to a need and mostly have stopped myself from purchasing something just because it is a want. I think this lockdown has been extra good for me because I realize more and more how much stuff I have and don’t use, so I am certainly not going to buy something else. I wish it would end though so I can have a yard sale and sell some of the excess that I have and also donate some to Goodwill, Salvation Army or some other organization to clean up my house.

Keep saving, everyone!! And stay safe!!

I really like everything you said, Olivia!!! Please keep giving your strategies. I do some of what you say already, but I intend on putting more of your ideas into my planning. Thank you!!!