In between jobs, but my parents have financial control

Hi everyone,

I’m in a little bit of a sticky situation. I’m in between full-time jobs, and only working 1-2 days on the weekend for about 4 hours a shift at about $12/hr. I live on my own with my cat, so I don’t have many expenses, but they do exist, and my part-time job doesn’t cover squat.

The good news is: I have a lot of financial support from my parents. The bad news is: I have a lot of financial support from my parents. While I know that I’m extremely lucky and I appreciate my parents’ help, the downside is that I’m extremely limited in my financial freedom while they hold the purse strings, so to speak. For example, I have a debit card, but I’m not allowed to have a credit card (my parents told me to cut mine up when they found out about it), and I got yelled at by my dad when I took out a loan via MoneyLion. Oh, and I should mention: I’m almost 30, and I’ve been living on my own since I was 24.

I mentioned this in my post in the New Members thread, but I am actively looking for full-time jobs so that I can start becoming financially independent. Unfortunately, getting a full-time job doesn’t happen overnight, so I need a way to make at least some money consistently while I bombard all of the hiring managers with my resume. I’m not at rock bottom financially, but I do have some credit balances to clear, and for some reason overdrawing my bank account multiple times a month, despite thoroughly (or so I thought) going through and clearing out unused subscriptions and fraudulent charges.

I’m on a few of the survey sites, and I’m a MoneyLion member as I mentioned above, but a lot of the other options on this site - while sounding very helpful - can’t apply to me because of my parents’ financial involvement. That being said, any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I’m sorry for the novel, but I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, and I just needed to get it off my chest. I’m a fully functioning young adult, and it’s beyond embarrassing that my parents have this much financial control over me at this point in my life. I know that there are worse situations, and I’m not dismissing that by any means; I just feel frustrated and stuck.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


So, I’ve always been told, make it YOUR job to find a job. So spend 8 hours a day on something moving you forward to securing a job. A full time job is the ONLY thing that will move you out of your current position. After you get on your own financially, if you need further help with credit, using credit sesame has helped alot of people I know. Good Luck !


If you have a vehicle, there are quite a few “gig economy” jobs that can help provide you with extra income while you search for full time employment.

I recently left my previous employer to pursue my own business and to make ends meet I am doing food delivery.

Last week with Postmates, I was able to make $480 just working the lunch and dinner shifts.

There is so much opportunity out there in the day and age we live in. If you want to change your financial situation, it just takes a little bit of creativity and hard work but it is totally doable!


Totally understand! I had to move back home with parents after I finished my undergrad and having parents control all of your finances is beyond obnoxious and definitely embarrassing. I also had to deal with not having a car and living in the middle of the mountains. So I started doing side gigs online, because getting a job in the middle of nowhere with no transportation is next to impossible. I poured through hundreds of sites and eventually settled on making my own business. It’s tough to be in that situation, but if you find something that works well for you then stick to it. I would recommend trying places like ZipRecruiter for job prospects and definitely look into things like Fivrr to get you started.

Best of luck!
-A fellow Adult with Parental Finance Woes


You could try asking your part time job for more hours or like @moore.income suggested you could try something with the Gig economy like driving for uber, grubhub, or bite squad. Or maybe something freelance with a hobby that you are good at.

Have you looked into mystery shopping? It really doesn’t pay much, usually a couple bucks above the required purchase, but you can get paid to eat fast food or donuts, or go to the movies. Some companies post full day audit jobs too. I know when I was strapped for cash having a couple bucks to go to Taco Bell instead of eating out if the fridge at my parents was nice. You can gain experience in what expectations are in different service jobs, too.

Have you thought about an online work from home Job, I know a few that can help.