Is commercial real estate a good investment in India?

Here is I looking for commercial property in India for good ROI for my Savings, So please give your best advise.


You might try Googling your question, or ask people in real estate in India.

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I know real estate is generally a good investment, and commercial real estate can be even better if you know how to get good properties. However, I am not familiar with the India market so that would be a question best directed to someone with experience buying and selling real estate in India.

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I feel like this question is a bit generic. India is a big place.

As an example, I used to invest in Memphis, which is just a city. The performance of real estate there varies wildly street to street. And that’s just a city.

To ask a generic question like ‘is commercial real estate good in <country with billions of people’ is kind of like asking ‘is stocks good?’

Pretty much impossible to answer the question, and invites predatory answers from those trying to sell an ‘opportunity’ that might be too good to be true.