Learn how to get rid of credit card debt: Enroll in The Penny Hoarder's Credit Card Debt Bootcamp

It’s no secret the interest rates on credit cards is sky high – much higher than the APR on car loans, mortgages and student loans. To help you conquer credit card debt, The Penny Hoarder is currently offering a free course that covers:

  • Why focus on credit card debt
  • How to stop depending on credit cards
  • How to pay off credit card debt
  • Your options if you can’t afford your debt
  • What to do when you pay off your debt

If you’re interested, sign up to Credit Card Debt Bootcamp here: https://www.thepennyhoarder.co…-debt-bootcamp-2021/


Great resource! Signed up and looking forward to the info!

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awesome, thanks for the offer

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I’ll be taking it. Appreciate.

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Have to have money to make money. Just a little down right now. But will be back on.

Welcome all! We are glad to have you here!